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Republicans don't want strong middle class -- Steve Pearson

Republicans don't want strong middle class -- Steve Pearson

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Don't waste your time trying to find the logic in Wisconsin Republican's recent decisions to turn down significant federal dollars for education and health care.

They cite some skewed rationale similar to the Scott Walker rationale for abandoning billions in federal dollars for health care and high speed rail, that by the way all ended up in other states. There is no logic behind their decisions other than what has dominated Republican thinking since the time of Newt Gingrich -- block everything that seems to favor Democratic ideals and thus the middle class.

This is why the federal government and now our state government gets essentially nothing done. There may be some deeper plot not evident on the surface, such as a desire to keep the middle class uneducated and suppressed thus making for a cheap labor force. Republicans don't want a strong middle class.

Our U.S. infrastructure is falling apart because all the money we should have been using to maintain it, is in the pockets of millionaires and billionaires via Republican tax cuts. The middle class may be struggling but I suspect the dark money stream from billionaires to politicians is doing just fine.

Steve Pearson, La Crosse

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