If Gov. Tony Evers and Democrats are still confused as to what's in the Capitol rotunda, they should ask any 6-year-old. Children always tell you the truth -- it's a Christmas tree.

They have no reason to denigrate and mock people of faith during the holy season. Democrats don't have to be so hostile to religion and people of faith.

We need God back in our national discourse, our hearts and homes. It's high time we begin to revisit and reestablish the religious, ethical and moral principles that flow from the Bible, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

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I'm not suggesting we turn America into a theocracy. Rather, we must acknowledge and defend our own foundational religious beliefs and learn to know and do God's will. We must cleanse our national soul of the immoral and degrading cultural practices that have done such enormous harm to America.

We must practice family values and eternal moral truths in our own homes and lives. We must bring God back into public discourse and freely exercise our God-given constitutional rights, not for the purpose of establishing a religion but to recenter America.

Robert Rittmann, town of Sun Prairie

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