Regarding Phil Hands' June 30 cartoon about gerrymandering, does he not realize how important it was for the Supreme Court to decide to stay out of this issue?

The court properly stayed out because redistricting is the power of the individual states. Leaving redistricting to the states is the constitutionally correct thing to do. The federal government is already overstepping many areas that are the rights and responsibilities of the individual states. We don't want the federal government deciding everything. 

We, as citizens of Wisconsin, should decide these matters when we go to the polls. If we have a problem with something, then we vote people in at the state level to correct it. This includes gerrymandering and many other issues.

We do not agree on everything, but we have the right to vote to express our opinions -- that's the beauty of the United States. And it starts at the local level. Voting districts are ultimately decided at the state level, and the Constitution defends that.

To have the federal government decide this is to give away an important part of our own local and regional influence on our lives.

Paul Browne, Rhinelander

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