Gov. Tony Evers' politically-motivated "red flag" law won't give law-abiding gun owners any protections.

Here we go again, taking advantage of a tragedy to install more regulations and laws that do little to stop criminals but harm law-abiding citizens. Red flag laws sound great, but nobody offers protections for law-abiding citizens who may be subject to false accusations by members of the community or even from simple disputes among family members.

As a law-abiding and responsible gun owner, I am not seeing anything that gives me a sense of security.

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Criminals do not obey the laws -- so no matter how many gun free zones, universal background checks, weapons restrictions and red flag laws are put into place, the criminals will always have the weapons and the means to wreak death and destruction. Law-abiding citizens will be the ones subject to disarmament and restrictions concerning our safety and well-being.

I will be moving to a rural setting in the next few years, and that 20-minute wait for a sheriff's deputy to respond is too great when dealing with criminals. I will be properly armed to defend my family and property until law enforcement arrives.

Pete Papageorge, Oshkosh

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