Put an end to gerrymandering -- Ron Biendseil

Put an end to gerrymandering -- Ron Biendseil


Kudos to the State Journal’s editorial board, which called for an end to gerrymandering in Wisconsin in Sunday's editorial, "Census must lead to fair voting maps."

Gerrymandering is the devious, partisan and unfair practice of shaping legislative voting districts for partisan advantage. The big winners of gerrymandering are incumbent politicians, who redraw district maps to protect themselves from the will of the voters. The big loser is democracy, which is based on the idea that people should choose their representatives, not the other way 'round.

Fortunately, voter can change this in a relatively straight-forward way. We must ask candidates in both partisan and nonpartisan races -- especially in the primary elections -- to declare for the record whether they support ending gerrymandering in 2021. And then, without regard for partisan political affiliation, voters must vote for candidates who have declared their support for fair maps.

My other plea is to both print and electronic media. Please let your colleagues in other communities know how important this issue is and urge them to support the creation of a fair, nonpartisan system that takes politics out of redrawing district lines.

Finally, elected officials of both parties must put principles over politics and vote for a bill creating a nonpartisan state agency to draw fair district boundary lines.

Ron Biendseil, Middleton 


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