Police and teachers need our support -- Jerry Darda

Police and teachers need our support -- Jerry Darda


Our city leaders in Madison have an increasing anti-police attitude, evidenced by our mayor's recent premature condemnation of the police response to an out-of-control mentally ill person, the appointment of an anti-police person, Greg Gelembiuk, to the Madison Police Department Policy and Review Committee, and Madison School Board member Ali Mundrow's recent comments comparing local police to Nazis.

It's obvious these folks are more focused on blaming criminal behavior on the police rather than the criminals or non-compliant students who are out of control. Recently, a very good teacher lost his job for physically controlling a totally disruptive student whose behavior was interfering with others learning. It's very disturbing to witness the lack of trust by our leaders which is so necessary for both our police and teachers to function effectively.

Our leaders' efforts should be to create policies that discourage illegal and disruptive behavior both in schools and the community at large. Blaming criminal behavior on the police and teachers is simply idiotic. Both our outstanding police force and excellent teachers deserve respect, trust and support from our policymakers. 

Jerry Darda, Madison


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