U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Black Earth, has proved he is no leader.

Rep. Pocan follows social media and Twitter, both of which lack any real credibility when it comes to rational thought, reason, morality or critical thinking. Social media is driven by emotions. It is packed with so much hate, division and just plain stupidity. That is what drives Rep. Pocan.

Rep. Pocan offers little to fix our nation but joins the liberal hate wagon against our sitting president by call for an impeachment inquiry to begin. These activist liberals have no ideas on how to govern nor lead the nation.

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Say what you want about President Donald Trump, at least he stands for something. Liberals such as Rep. Pocan just follow what their screaming children on social media demand of them.

Rep. Pocan is an embarrassment to our state. He cares more about the plight of illegal immigrants and foreigners than his own citizens.

Pete Papageorge, Oshkosh

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