Last Saturday's letter to the editor "Plastic straw ban is waste of time" stated that Ald. Syed Abbas' proposal would increase government intervention and create an "unnecessary burden" on private business.

This will not create a burden on business. Here is how you train your staff: “Bar and wait-staff, please do not give out plastic straws unless a customer asks for one.” It is just that simple.

The “burden" on business is buying thousands of plastic straws that a customer uses for 30 minutes and then throws in the trash. As stated in the July 24 article, Cafe Hollander started this practice and has purchased 20,000 fewer straws and saved $1,500 per year.

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As far as a straw being a “harmless product” and government focusing on “public safety concerns,” there is no larger public safety concern than climate change. Banning plastic straws is just the first step in changing our wasteful culture. Enacting this proposal would go a long way towards ensuring that our cities are not overrun with trash and overburdened with useless throw-away items.

You can drink just fine from a glass without it.

Jared Schumacker, Madison

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