I have read with interest the many recent letters to the editor supporting candidates for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Citing political positions, some these letter writers explained why their candidate would be the best person for the job.

I would remind everyone that judges should be selected because they will interpret current law and court decisions. They should not be selected because of their preconceived political positions on issues that come before the court.

They should remain objective and look at the issues based on the law, the state and federal constitutions, and court precedents. This clearly means they should not legislate from the bench, changing laws or the constitution to suit their own bias or position on issues.

Finding people who can do this is not easy, because personal feelings and bias are hard to eliminate. But it can be done. Judges should remember and respect the roles of the three branches of the government.

So let us all ask ourselves the tough questions before we vote: Who will be the most impartial? Who will be able to accurately interpret laws already passed by the legislative branch and respect the constitution and judicial precedents?

Dave Glomp, Madison