Going to Badgers football games over many years, it has been disturbing and embarrassing to have to listen to the UW-Madison student section doing their very improper profane chant back and forth between their sections numerous times during the game.

When my daughters were younger, they would ask me, "What are they saying, Dad?" and I would respond, "I am not sure." The university has tried to stop it without any success. Even as I watch more of the games on TV you can hear the chants very clearly, which means even more people are hearing this uncalled for language.

The only way to get this to stop is to have the on-field officials throw the yellow flag and call an unsportsmanlike penalty on the student section resulting in a 15-yard penalty. This would affect the field position of the UW football team, whether on offense or defense. This might make the student section stop this ritual.

I have been to other Big Ten campuses and have never heard anything like this. I wish the university would consider this along with the Big Ten officials and put an end to this foul language once and for all.

Bob Petersen, Fitchburg

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