I'm really tired of the Republican refrain that President Donald Trump has been exonerated by the Mueller report. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Robert Mueller's investigation resulted in 34 indictments against individuals, six of whom were former Trump advisers. Seven have pleaded guilty and have either served time, are in prison or are awaiting sentencing.

The evidence of direct collision between President Trump and the Russians was insufficient to warrant charges. But more than 700 former federal prosecutors -- Republicans and Democrats -- have signed a statement citing numerous instances of obstruction of justice by President Trump that would result in charges were he not a sitting president and therefore immune.

It is indisputable that the Russian government interfered with our 2016 elections in favor of President Trump. Any so-called patriotic American who doesn't view this as an assault on our democracy should consider trading their stars and stripes for a hammer and sickle.

Brent Nicastro, Madison

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