From Abraham Lincoln to Donald Trump has been quite a drop off for the GOP and its supporters.

Lincoln courageously gave his life to unite this country. President Trump cowardly hides behind tweets to divide this country. Lincoln liberated the slaves. Trump jails innocent immigrant children.

When Trump tells his critics who don't look like him to leave, he parrots the words spoken by officials in Germany several years before the start of World War II. Back then it started in a similar fashion. Those who didn't agree with the changes were told to leave Germany. We know what happened to those who stayed.

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If the GOP and its supporters don't find their voice, a similar fate may await those critics who stay. But as back then, it won't stop with the critics who don't look like Trump. That is only the beginning. It will eventually include members of the GOP and its supporters who look like Trump. But who will be left to speak up for them?

Irwin Kass, Madison

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