Our freedom is the envy of Hong Kong -- Joe Tripalin

Our freedom is the envy of Hong Kong -- Joe Tripalin


I think it is powerful to see the young people in Hong Kong demonstrating and demanding the same freedoms we have in America. These young people risk everything including arrest and maybe death to gain what we have here and so often take for granted.

In contrast, our young people -- led by progressive elites -- demand more government and more government control. On campuses and in classrooms across the country, they take away people's rights to speak freely about subjects they object to. They attack the campuses until the college administrators back down and deny individuals the right to speak.

Our young people have no appreciation that our ancestors fought and died to give them the freedom that is the envy of every young person in Hong Kong. Be careful what you wish for. Maybe some day the government will be in complete control, and our freedoms will be gone.

Joe Tripalin, McFarland 


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