Changing the police chief and Madison School District superintendent will do nothing to stop the city’s downward trajectory. Shining a light on truth offers the only hope of a turnaround, and there’s no evidence we’ll be embarking on that soon.

Concern for political correctness and growing demands to do penance for “white privilege” have caused even those who see the truth to pretend they don’t. We are focused on the wrong disparities. Every able-bodied person is born with unlimited potential and opportunity. Taking advantage requires parents who teach their children right from wrong and the skills required for a successful life. 

The disparities destroying our social fabric are largely the result of the breakdown of the family and the growing number of children being born to single women. Absenteeism and disruptive behavior in school are replacing parents who set expectations and monitor progress. Without the skills and tools to prepare them for productive lives, is it any wonder some of these same kids end up on the streets committing violent crimes?

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What is social justice? Certainly not the myth of victimhood that is creating a culture of dependence and sinking each generation further into the abyss. This is racism at its core. Social justice is seeing the unlimited potential in every person and ensuring that opportunity and expectations are color blind.

Joan Ellis Beglinger, Cross Plains

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