I'd like to congratulate State Journal editorial cartoonist Phil Hands for the amazing lack of insensitivity and, shall we say, ignorance displayed in his New Year's Day cartoon. He caricatured the age and gender of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, R-Calif., and put everything but a halo over the head of outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Janesville.

Hands on Wisconsin: Out with the old speaker, in with the older

The fact Ryan is younger, male and a major "leader" of the controlling party in power did not make him an effective leader in Congress. The fact Pelosi is older, female and a member of the minority party has not made her a less powerful, intelligent and determined leader of her party. She is not a quitter. Can you say the same for Ryan?

Instead of standing up to President Donald Trump, Ryan sat back and tried to avoid being tarred by the same brush as his brutish, impulsive, selfish and thoughtless leader.

Hands really missed the mark by a mile with that cartoon. An apology to older people and women is in order. Can I say "man up"?

Sharon Payne, McFarland

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