After hearing about the advice to priests that Bishop Robert Morlino endorsed -- that gays and lesbians may be denied funerals because of their sexual orientation -- I was disgusted.

I am a senior in high school, and I was confirmed just last year into the Catholic church by Bishop Morlino. I knew during my confirmation he had very strong opposing views on gay marriage, and I was hesitant to get confirmed because of his stance. Hearing this news solidifies my thoughts previously. I think Pope Francis would be disgusted if he was aware of Bishop Morlino's actions.

I do not think most members of the Catholic church appreciate Bishop Morlino's view on this, and it makes me sick to think about the way we are being represented. His views contradict the core values of the Catholic church, love being the most important.

This is no act of love, it is an act of hatred. Bishop Morlino's actions have turned me away from the church, and it will do the same for many young Catholics out there. This is not the way I want to be represented because this is not what I believe.

Maddie Raffel, Madison