Following the April 3 election, some voters are predicting a “blue wave” in November and calling for “anyone but Walker” for governor.

There’s a problem with this thinking. For too long, some Democrats have focused on running against Republican candidates rather than campaigning for clear, specific policies that support all people -- including working people and the poor. This didn’t work for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and I believe it won’t work in Wisconsin in 2018.

People who want a new governor need to stand behind the one candidate whose primary goal is to clean up a political system heavily influenced by big-money donors and special interests.

Mike McCabe, an independent running in the Democratic primary, wants to get big money out of politics and transform our political system into one that serves all Wisconsinites. The former leader of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, McCabe has spent most of his adult life trying to clean up our state government. He “followed the money” and called out Republicans and Democrats alike.

It’s time to put principle over party and support McCabe and his people-powered campaign for governor. Wisconsin needs a leader who is honest, visionary and not for sale.

Patricia Olson, West Bend