During the most recent election to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, we saw many TV commercials for Lisa Neubauer. They ran almost daily.

But we seldom saw any for Brian Hagedorn. Neubauer's ads ran often and stated something negative about Hagedorn, but they kept repeating his name and not hers. We were inundated with the name "Brian Hagedorn" but seldom heard the name "Lisa Neubauer."

The truth is most folks pay little or no real attention to such ads, especially when they are run so often. The end result for many folks was the name Hagedorn stuck in their memory but Neubauer did not. I believe Neubauer's commercials unwittingly did her a disfavor in a very close race. A famous politician once said, "Say whatever you want about me, just make sure you spell my name correctly."

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These days we constantly hear "Trump did this" and "Trump did that" or "Trump played golf today." And the trivial list goes on.

President Donald Trump could not buy, beg, borrow or steal that much advertising.

Terrance Stewart, Madison

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