Lately, we've heard much discussion about global warming and the evidence of it. The California wildfires, the various hurricanes and other natural weather disasters are blamed on global warming.

Environmentalists call for more action. What no one ever talks about is how much of this global warming is contributed by man. Is it a lot, a little or something in between?

The earth has warmed (look at the 1200s) and cooled in the past without the help of man's activities. Is that what is happening today? If we in the United States implemented all the demands being made, would we reduce the amount of worldwide warming by 1 percent, 10 percent, or 0.01 percent?

No one knows. What we do know is that many of the recommendations being made will cause the cost of electricity and other power sources to rise significantly. For the rich elites, this has no impact. But for the little guy or the retired senior citizen, it has a huge impact.

My advice would be to proceed with renewable energy where it makes sense, continue to control emissions, and protect the vulnerable people from being overwhelmed by energy costs. One more thought: Get the real global polluters in China and India to clean up their act.

Joseph Tripalin, McFarland