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Look past liberal smoke screens -- Sheila Bredeson

Look past liberal smoke screens -- Sheila Bredeson

There’s been much rhetoric that Trump voters -- who are mostly portrayed as ignorant and uneducated -- can’t think for themselves and rely on statements from Donald Trump himself or Fox News to derive opinions about the status of this country.

Unlike the seemingly blind allegiance of some citizens to liberal lawmakers and media, college-educated, common-sense citizens like me are logical and inquisitive enough to see through the liberal smokescreens polluting the air.

‘“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth” is a law of propaganda.  Watch the liberal network media for a couple of hours a day, a couple of days a week and you’ll find the repetition of identical phrases spewing out of the mouths of commentators. CNN repeats to its audience on a daily basis that those in attendance of the Jan. 6 rally are domestic terrorists. Currently, this repetition is aimed at convincing America that the U.S. military is full of white supremacists and must be purged.

Many accuse President Joe Biden’s administration of not being transparent. I disagree. Anyone with a logical and open mind should see right through the smoke created by it and its partnering media.

Many should just try pulling the wool from over their eyes.

Sheila Bredeson, Darlington

(608) 776-4484

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