Three cheers for the column by state Sens. Mark Miller, D-Monona and Fred Risser, D-Madison, in the Sept. 2 State Journal.

They noted that Enbridge, a Canadian pipeline company, got the Republican-led Legislature to pass a law that tried to shield the company from complying with Dane County’s demand that Enbridge have adequate insurance in case of a spill.

This was one of more than 160 laws the Legislature has passed over the last eight years that interfere with home rule.

This assault on local democracy has been spearheaded by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the biggest lobbying group in the state Capitol. It has spent around $20 million over the last eight years to help elect officials who carry water for big business instead of representing their constituents.

A case involving the Legislature’s effort to exempt Enbridge from Dane County’s insurance requirement is now before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and WMC has filed a brief in favor of Enbridge.

WMC has our high court wired, as well. It has spent $2.7 million to help elect the pro-business majority on the court.

How can we expect justice to prevail?

-- Matt Rothschild, Oregon, executive director, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

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