Like people, nature can be confused -- John Morgan

Like people, nature can be confused -- John Morgan


The writer of the Nov. 1 letter to the editor "Gender is assigned by natural world" wonders if we are losing our collective minds.

The writer is one of those who mistakenly believe transgender is caused by wanting to choose a different gender than the one you were born with.

An article in the New York Times last year explained what is really happening. Nature makes mistakes, just like we do.

Sometimes nature accidentally gives people a physical gender that doesn't match their psychological gender. Normally both genders are determined in the fetus at the same time. But sometimes a few weeks delay occurs between the two determinations. By the time nature gets around to determining the psychological gender, she has forgotten what the physical one is. In this case, people are their psychological gender, because that's how they feel.

The mainstream media could do a better job of explaining this phenomenon to members of the public, many of whom will otherwise remain as confused as nature.

John Morgan, Madison


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