Democrats and Republicans are equally patriotic. Members of both parties want to move our country ahead. The challenge is that the two parties have clear and distinct differences as to how to move this country ahead.

It’s becoming clearer every day that one of the top tier candidates to the left of Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee for president in 2020. When that happens, the Democratic platform will feature: a ban on fracking, the implementation of "Medicare for All," the decriminalization of illegal immigration with open borders, elimination of the Electoral College and unrestricted access to abortions.

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They will slash defense spending and turn our booming economy upside down by redistributing and confiscating the wealth of successful Americans through higher taxes. (Yes, even for the middle class will pay more, because otherwise they won't be able to raise enough money). They will also increase regulations on small business owners, which will choke off entrepreneurship and job creation.

If you support these planks, then by all means vote for the Democratic candidate. If one or more gives you pause, do some homework and decide which party has your interests in mind and which will move your country ahead.

David J. Rizzo, Fitchburg

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