I would commend the author of the Oct. 7 letter to the editor "Liberal policies will set us back." His recognition that most everyone wants the best for our country often gets lost in the turmoil that is our politics today.

But I take issue with virtually every other statement in the letter.

His prognostications are inflammatory and one-sided. I consider Democratic positions to be completely commendable.

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A ban on fracking simply says we value our environment and the health of our children more than the oil industry. "Medicare for all" is an attempt to rein in this country's health care mess. Immigration reform would ensure that our country never again treats people like animals. The dissolution of the Electoral College gains support from whichever party considers it favorable. Abortion decisions should never be made by a government official.

Do we really need to spend more on national defense than China, Saudi Arabia, India, France, Russia, United Kingdom and Germany combined? Rich people and big businesses already have obscene power and amass wealth by stacking the deck. Without proper regulation, a business can do great harm and nothing can be done until it's too late.

Do your homework, then vote.

Michael Pomeroy, Poynette

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