Lawmakers could use some Bible lessons -- Sonja Heiser

Lawmakers could use some Bible lessons -- Sonja Heiser


Assembly Republicans voted Tuesday to recognize “Bible Week” near Thanksgiving to encourage people to read the Bible, which has contributed "to the molding of the spiritual, moral and social fiber of our citizenry."

If people do not conduct their lives by the principles of the Bible (or any source that guides them in all aspects of their lives), then those principles become meaningless. As a voting citizen in Wisconsin, I expect the houses of our Legislature to conduct their business with respect for each other.

I suggest they bear in mind it is a privilege and honor to serve the constituents who elected them and stop acting like 5-year-olds in a playground shouting match.

Oh, I am so sorry. I think I just insulted the 5-year-olds.

Sonja Heiser, Evansville


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