I am appalled by Gov. Scott Walker signing into law the recent lame-duck bills presented by the GOP-led Legislature -- but I’m not surprised.

In this newspaper, I saw letter writers try to convince Gov. Walker to do the right thing, by appealing to his presumed desired legacy. But signing these bills is very much in line with his tenure and the legacy he actually wants.

Gov. Walker has not been serving Wisconsin, but rather serving his own ambitions. In his calculus, this is best achieved by serving his plutocratic masters (Charles and David Koch, Diane Hendricks, Dick and Elizabeth Uihlein, and Betsy and Dick DeVos, to name a few). If he can further ingratiate himself to them by helping the Republican legislative branch hamstring the incoming Democratic executive branch, well, why wouldn’t he do that?

Who cares if it undermines democracy -- that was never one of Walker’s core principles (Otherwise he would not have supported extreme gerrymandering and other voter suppression tactics.) Who cares if it feeds into the partisanship that’s eroding the government’s ability to tackle almost any serious problem -- Walker is more of a divide-and-conquer kind of guy.

Dan Sidney, Madison

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