I grew up in Madison under the path of the jets which helped protect our country during the Korean War. I experienced the noise of afterburners kicking in right over our house. This shook our windows and was very loud. It was a wonderful sound -- the sound of freedom.

Our family moved from rural Dane County into an area with an existing, active military base. Love for our country was high and no one would have thought to question the minor inconvenience of some occasional noise made necessary so that our military could do their job and protect our country.

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To those protesting against the F-35s, I understand your concerns. But I would ask that you consider this. Of course you have a right to express your opinion -- but this is not just about you. It's about Truax Field, the 115th Fighter Wing and protecting of all the citizens of the United States and our neighbors to the north and south. Strategically, we are in an optimum location to do this.

Nancy L. Wild, Columbus

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