Imagine our government putting a factory next to your house that emits randomly up to 121 decibels of window rattling noise, lowers your property values, and has a chance of spraying your yard with fuel oil or blowing up and perhaps taking out a large swath of our town. Also imagine this factory has helped pollute one of our city's wells enough that it had to be closed.

Would you accept that? Of course not.

But this is what we on the North Side of Madison are being forced into if we accept the F-35s at Truax Field.

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This is an airport inside of an urban area, surrounded by houses. How can you defend the massive lowering of your neighbor's quality of life for perhaps 100 jobs? Why not station the jets at Camp Douglas where the jobs would be welcomed and where huge neighborhoods don't surround the airfield. I too am patriotic, but there are places for deadly weapons like these jets, and Madison is not one of them. We already have increased airplane noise from the commercial flights.

Say no to the F-35s. Please save our homes.

Paul Reckwerdt, Madison

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