Incident is really about respecting staff -- Bruce Rideout

Incident is really about respecting staff -- Bruce Rideout


I am pleased to see the Madison School District rescinded the firing of security guard Marlon Anderson. The firing was completely without merit and reflects the one-sided policy on racial slurs.

If this were an equitable policy, it would also include the use of racial slurs by students. I have read several articles and watched several TV news reports about this incident, and little has been said about the use of racial slurs by the student involved. 

Does the district's policy differ depending on whether the faculty member is black or white? This should be addressed as an issue about respect for teachers. Instead, policymakers and students wish to treat this as a race issue -- even when a black student disrespects a black faculty member, as happened in this case. Had the faculty member been white, no demonstrations or review of the firing would have occurred, as previous incidents show. And this would lead to even more disrespect.

The policy changes being discussed will not change a thing about student actions toward faculty.

Bruce Rideout, Madison


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