The Second Amendment protects gun owners, not the gun industry. Repealing civil immunity for the gun industry could go a long way toward creating a sense of fairness.

If we held those who profit from manufacturing and selling guns liable, then at least there would be some solace for the families of victims. They could be compensated for their loss without having to prove fault. Today, an imbalance favors the gun industry. The pendulum needs to be pushed back toward the middle. This would be a small price to pay for allowing the gun industry to continue to thrive.

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Congress can and should do at least this much. And maybe the gun industry would have incentive to do what is right, to reduce their financial exposure. Today no such reason exists for them to care about the victims. Hitting them where it hurts -- the pocketbook -- may be the spark needed to fix this mess.

Irwin Kass, Madison

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