The state budget committee has come up with some ridiculous, complicated, unfair, delayed and expensive approaches for funding roads to avoid a gas tax increase.

The proposed registration fee (tax) increase places the financial burden solely on Wisconsin drivers, regardless of miles driven, and gives out-of-state drivers a break. It's ridiculous and unfair.

But raising registration fees does not generate enough revenue, so toll roads are under consideration. Why should the state invest in infrastructure to collect revenue? That will take too long and be expensive. This approach will also entice drivers to seek non-toll alternate routes and further add wear to those roads.

The committee’s creativity continues with mileage based fees (taxes), which might be based on odometer readings. Terrific. When I drive to Illinois or Maryland to visit my kids and grandchildren I can pay Wisconsin for the miles driven and the other states their tolls and gas tax.

The committee concedes that odometer-based charges (taxes) have drawbacks, so GPS-based systems might be the answer. This is ridiculous, complicated and expensive. I’m surprised they haven’t proposed that Wisconsin drivers have chip implants for tracking purposes.

Compared to the suggestions by the budget committee, the gas tax increase seems pretty practical.

John Deininger, Waunakee

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