I welcome Gov. Tony Evers’ executive order on clean energy in Wisconsin. Its key provision is to achieve 100% clean electricity by the year 2050.

Clean electricity generation may be our primary path to a safe and stable energy future, provided the transportation, industry, commerce and housing sectors can all use clean electricity to displace energy currently obtained from fossil fuels. Hopefully, the governor’s order will lead to the development of a Wisconsin clean energy plan to reduce carbon emissions in all sectors of the economy.

Climate change is a global problem. To demonstrate our partnership with other states and nations, the governor’s executive order calls for Wisconsin to fulfill its share of the carbon-reduction goals of the 2015 Paris Climate Accord.

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Wisconsin’s clean energy plans may be more easily achieved if Congress enacts the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Using an approach recommended by a slew of economists this year, this bill could reduce carbon emissions at the scale and speed recommended by distinguished science panels. The act creates price signals for businesses and households to steadily reduce carbon emissions in favor of clean energy alternatives over the next 30 years.

Bruce Beck, Madison

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