GOP won't give up drawing maps -- Dave Evans

GOP won't give up drawing maps -- Dave Evans


The U.S. Supreme Court recently decided, by a 5-4 conservative majority, that partisan gerrymandering may remain.

Partisan gerrymandering schemes slice, dice, crack and pack legislative districts in the states to put a majority of the ruling party’s voters in as many different districts as possible. At the same time, they pack opposing voters into a few districts so the minority party is unlikely to win any new seats.

Partisan gerrymandering is surgically precise and will become stronger. In Wisconsin, partisan gerrymandering gives the Republicans an insurmountable advantage in the Assembly. The Democratic vote is concentrated in a few counties, so they already had a built-in disadvantage before the last round on redistricting in 2011. In 2018, Democrats received 53% of votes in the Assembly but only 36% of the Assembly seats.

Statewide races such as governor, attorney general and U.S. Senate seats cannot be gerrymandered to Republican advantage so Wisconsin has a Democratic governor and attorney general.

The Supreme Court’s decision was that the state Legislatures may redraw the maps to be fair if they wish. The Republicans are not going to do that. The Court’s argument is circular and blatantly partisan.

Our democracy is being broken one piece at a time.

Dave Evans, Middleton


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