I’m fuming after reading Tuesday's article “GOP pokes $1.4B hole in plan.”

How does the GOP think it is wiser than those of us who voted for Gov. Tony Evers and hoped for a new era of negotiation instead of dominance? We voted and trusted in the democratic process. We wanted to “turn the page,” so to speak, and get on with solving issues.

We lived through Gov. Walker’s regime of paybacks to special interests and his self-serving programs. We saw nepotism, payoffs and corruption, all disguised as the “will of the people of Wisconsin.” I won’t name all of the failures of that time, but right-to-work laws, the destruction of unions, denigrating the teachers, assaulting the University of Wisconsin System, assaulting women’s rights and abortion, and being in bed with out-of-state corporate interests and the 1% come to mind.

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What makes Republican legislative leaders think they know better than the people of Wisconsin who voted for Gov. Evers? We are smart, educated, politically informed and fair-minded folks.

With the November election, we had hoped for change. To the GOP, I say, get out of the way and quit putting up roadblocks and barriers. You lost. Let the people’s choices stand, and quit being paranoid and living in the past.

Kay Fijalkiewicz, Stoughton

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