Wow, our elected Republicans in Wisconsin seem pretty desperate, maneuvering for control at all costs rather than convincing us of their innovative solutions for managing our government.

Just think of the time, effort and money they’ve dedicated to gerrymandering, suppressing votes and limiting the power of democratically elected officials. Shouldn’t they be working with their peers to find ways to fix our roads, fund our schools and make sure citizens are insured?

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, defended these tactics as "inside baseball," likening these subversive moves to winning a ball game. Has he forgotten that the welfare of our citizens is at stake?

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Rep. Travis Tranel, R-Cuba City, my district’s representative, said that in his estimation the people of Wisconsin didn’t like huge swings in their government and that limiting the new governor’s power was good for the people. Hmmm. Republicans control both the Assembly and the Senate. This is not a huge swing.

If you are disgusted with the justification of these underhanded schemes, please let Gov. Scott Walker and your representatives know. This is the people’s Wisconsin, and they represent us. Don’t let them forget that.

Sue Kies, Platteville

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