It is not possible to end gerrymandering by voting it out if your vote doesn't count because it has been gerrymandered out of existence.

Gerrymandering thwarts the will of the people and makes it impossible to have a representative government. It rewards -- and leads to -- tyranny. It has the power to legally exterminate dissent.

Gerrymandering is basically a legal coup. It takes longer than a military coup but the end result is the same: absolute power of the few over the many. It is wrong on any level no matter what party is in power.

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If a state is gerrymandered to the extent that a fair election is not likely and there is no available redress, what is a citizen to do but ask the Supreme Court to weigh in? Apparently the Supreme Court doesn't believe it's a problem to have thousands of citizens whose votes don't count.

Nothing else is more compelling or more important in a government founded on representation of the people, by the people.

Linda Jallings, Sun Prairie

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