The article in the Feb. 27 State Journal "Evers seeks nonpartisan maps" was sloppy and biased.

The article described the practice of a "political party in total control of state government drawing legislative maps to skew majorities in their favor, as Republicans did after the 2010 election in Wisconsin." The article didn't offer evidence or proof to back this up. 

Several judges have examined the maps and made small changes. The U.S Supreme Court ruled the filers who opposed the maps lacked standing. Legal cases against the maps continue, but they are not settled as to unfair or fair. The state constitution dictates the party in power does the redistricting.

Democrats won four statewide races last fall but didn't increase their number of seats in the Assembly. Not mentioned in the article is that Republicans actually added a seat in the Senate. The election wasn't a sweep for Democrats because Republicans won scores of seats in the Legislature.

Finally, the Democrats winning four statewide offices demonstrates that the redistricting map did not stop them from winning. So maybe it's not as awful as it is being portrayed.

William Richardson, Middleton

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