Wisconsin roads are in a sad state of disrepair. The governor and Democrats want to increase the gas tax to pay for the road repairs. The projected cost would be about $2 to $3 per month per driver. The gas tax hike would be spread out over time and between Wisconsin and out-of-state drivers.

The Republicans want to raise the Wisconsin vehicle title fee and the vehicle registration fee to pay for road repairs. The title fee would increase from $69.50 to $164.50. The Republicans also want to increase the annual vehicle registration fee from $75 to $85 per year. Both of the fee increases would be paid for solely by Wisconsin car owners and drivers.

Out-of-state drivers should pay more, too

I support the gas tax hike. I can live with an increase of a few dollars per month, and I like that out-of-state drivers would be helping fix the roads they use. The Republican fee increases do not make sense for Wisconsin drivers. The fee increase on vehicle titles is too big and all of that burden would be dumped on Wisconsin citizens.

We pay tolls in Illinois. They can pay gas tax here.

Anne McGill, Lodi

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