I was dismayed by the poor quality of the investigative "research" and editorial oversight in Chris Rickert's recent article "Radical approach to justice," about the local social justice organization Freedom Inc.

The article's only substantiated claims appear to be the following: These activists swear. They are impolite, and their finances might be growing. While these claims may be true, the article did not seem nearly so curious to understand the reasons why these things are so. (We should all be able to remember that the Rev. Alex Gee's 2013 Cap Times cover story was called "Justified Anger.")

Among the State Journal article's several insinuations and non-sequiturs, it seemed to be implying that Freedom Inc. does little "beyond protesting at public meetings" and that it may be engaging in unlawful lobbying. But the article produced no evidence to support that.

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I respectfully submit that it should not have been difficult to document the real and substantive community work that inspires many of us to donate to Freedom Inc.

I'm deeply disappointed in the State Journal's willingness to publish such a thinly sourced, speculative hit job.

Steel Wagstaff, Madison

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