Phil Hands' editorial cartoon in the June 27 State Journal was spot-on.

The bullies of Freedom Inc. conducted a coordinated campaign to harass anyone who disagreed with them about keeping police in our troubled high schools. That included shouting down citizens, calling them “white supremacists,” and shutting down the meeting completely so no one else could speak. After one such meeting last July, Police Chief Mike Koval said this:

“If you saw some of the dynamic that unfolded... what you saw was a choreographed and orchestrated show of force. It's daunting, it's meant to intimidate, it's meant to marginalize. For those who may otherwise want to express some civic opinion that is counter to their own, you are literally leaving the hallway in fear.”

I know because I was surrounded and physically jostled by the Freedom Inc. bullies at one such School Board meeting last summer, and I'm a 70-year-old woman with osteoporosis. School district officials just sat there. Two of the young people then followed me to my seat and sat on either side of me. That felt like harassment to me.

Marilisa Sieczkowski, Madison

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