Thanks for Monday's article, "Solar, minimum users targeted," highlighting the financial complexities of transitioning utilities to renewable energy.

It’s encouraging to see that clean energy is not only competitive with gas and coal, but increasingly even cheaper. Largely absent from these calculations, however, is the reality that energy produced by fossil fuels today adds to a massive debt that will be paid by future generations.

These decisions are critical because the Trump administration is attempting to slow the transition to renewable energy. Last week, the White House ordered that the U.S. Geological Survey’s climate assessments, which are used to inform policy decisions, must now project the impact of climate change only through 2040 instead of the end of the century. Climate models suggest that the impact of current emissions won’t even occur until after 2040. Future assessments will therefore give an overly optimistic view of the costs of ongoing use of coal, gas and oil.

President Donald Trump’s plan is good for companies hoping to prolong our dependence on fossil fuels, but terrible for the rest of us. My children will be entering adulthood by 2040, and the window for decisive action to ensure a livable planet for their generation and beyond is quickly closing.

Will Busse, Fitchburg

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