I appreciate the thoughtful response from the Wisconsin State Journal editorial board to criticism of the newspaper's headline "Trump wants apologies."

The two main headlines on the front page of the newspaper July 16 did seem oddly juxtaposed. The Trump headline seemed frivolous, and the other headline, "Deadly heat waves on the rise," seemed very significant. The editorial response to the "apologies" headline defended a reporting of facts. But another thing must be considered within this dichotomy of fact versus political opinion.

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We know what President Donald Trump wants the most is headlines. And how he gets them is by his inflammatory, juvenile and too often racist and sexist insults and taunts. These comments most often do not deserve a headline and should not be on the front of the newspaper. They should be on the back page if reported at all. Policy statements and attacks on the character of people do not deserve the same prominence.

When President Trump throws well-designed temper tantrums, he should be treated as the child he appears to be -- and ignored. He loves attention and will continue to construct outrageous statements to get it. That leads us away from the truly important thing -- the climate crisis which, if not addressed, will be the only issue that matters.

Susan Michaud, Black Earth

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