Most politicians hope to cement their legacy by having a public edifice or park named after themselves.

I tried thinking about what should be named after Gov. Scott Walker, since he will be leaving office and may not return. Roads and highways are in disrepair, so probably not one of those. Certainly not a school or institution of higher learning.

Considering the numbers of poor, uninsured people in the state and the relentless attacks on Planned Parenthood, a hospital or medical facility is also out of the question.

I have noticed that water sewage treatment plants are not named but numbered. No construction would be required, and "The Scott Walker Sewage Treatment Facility" has a definite ring to it.

I also like the idea that whenever I hear a toilet flush, it will remind me of all he has done for Wisconsin. I will also know that Gov. Walker's legacy will be on its way to being properly and safely disposed of.

Ed Pohlmann, Madison

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