In 2016, President Obama visited Hiroshima and called “for a world without nuclear weapons.” We can contemplate this calling during the August anniversary of the horrendous bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and of the suffering of the Japanese people there.

Even now Madison is considering making itself one of the cities to house the controversial new F-35A fighter jets. Not only are children on the East Side at risk from dangerous noise levels, but these planes (which cost nearly $100 million each) can carry one of the most destructive nuclear weapons in U.S. history. Consequently, as one of the homes of the F-35, Madison will be placed at high risk for enemy targeting.

The noise blast during the required regular training exercises will raise the stress levels throughout the community. In addition, there is a risk these jets will crash and further contaminate the area because they are coated with a highly toxic material so that they can’t be detected by radar. 

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I trust that the people of Madison will, when they learn the facts, organize politically to oppose plans for Madison to become involved in preparation for nuclear warfare. 

Katherine van Wormer, Madison

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