While many in Madison were outraged when Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents swooped into Madison last fall, some in our community were terrified.

I listened to students talk about the fear their parents felt -- with many too afraid to leave their homes. It was not an irrational fear. Though ICE may be less overt now, for many undocumented people across Wisconsin (our neighbors, friends and families), the fear and uncertainty continue.

A routine traffic stop can land someone in ICE custody. Before 2007, undocumented immigrants in Wisconsin could obtain driver’s licenses. This is good for the drivers -- and good for everybody on the roads. Since then, Wisconsin has required proof of citizenship (or authorized presence) for those seeking a driver’s license. This causes unreasonable burdens on families across Wisconsin -- and hurts the many employers who rely on undocumented workers, as well as creating more headaches for law enforcement.

Wisconsin has a chance to make things right. Gov. Tony Evers’ budget would make driver’s licenses available to all residents. Come to the state Capitol in Madison on May 1 to support driver’s licenses for all, and contact your representatives to encourage them to do the same.

It’s the right thing to do.

Donna Vukelich-Selva, Madison

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