District 13 Madison City Council candidate Tag Evers has a real grasp of the challenges and opportunities facing our diverse district and a willingness to do the hard work of moving forward while preserving the unique features and livability of our neighborhoods.

Evers’ approach to Edgewood High School's plans for expanding use of its athletic field is illustrative. Keeping an open mind, he has made a realistic assessment of needs and concerns. Importantly, he has demonstrated respect for efforts of neighbors working in support of fellow neighbors who will be harmed.

Evers' stance aligns with actions of Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association and the city. The neighborhood association voted 18-1 against school plans for a stadium with lights and amplified sound in strong support of the neighborhood. The city has notified the school that current use of the field violates approved zoning and that the city will proceed with enforcement action if the school continues to provide programming beyond what is legally permitted.

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Significant issues are often difficult. Evers has the combination of competence, commitment and character to represent our varied neighborhoods effectively.

His mix of passion and thoughtfulness will be an asset to our district. Evers has my vote for District 13.

Carolyn Hogg, Madison

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