Gov. Tony Evers has been in office less than a month, and we are already getting a glimpse of his leadership ability.

He had said he wanted to renegotiate parts of the Foxconn deal. Then Foxconn announced a change of direction. While both the governor and Foxconn said it had nothing to do with Evers, the timing seems more than coincidental. It was President Donald Trump who intervened to get the Foxconn plant back on target.

Gov. Evers is also considering a tollway system to fund highway improvement. While we may not have the best highways possible, they are better than many of our neighbors. Just drive past Beloit into Illinois. The bloated and inefficient Illinois Tollway Authority siphons valuable resources, resulting in projects that are typically over budget and behind schedule. Is that what Gov. Evers wants for Wisconsin, too?

I am still awaiting Gov. Evers' ideas on how to improve education. My fear is extra taxes, with dollars thrown at school systems without any accountability. If this is the case, then our poor and minority students will suffer to benefit union teachers (I’m a retired educator). As soon as more money is available, the bulk of it goes to teacher salaries and little, if anything, is done to improve student outcomes.

I hope I’m wrong and Gov. Evers is making missteps due to growing pains as he adjusts. If I’m not wrong, I predict a 2020 recall election in our future.

Scott Lauder, Webster, retired political sociology professor

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