End the collector plate giveaway -- Dan Johnson

End the collector plate giveaway -- Dan Johnson


The Jan. 7 letter to the editor "Fee on hybrids isn't proportional" was critical of the irrational decision by Gov. Scott Walker to impose a yearly $75 tax on hybrid vehicles.

With the deplorable state of our roads, I am willing, as a Prius owner, to take one for the team financially.

What rankles me, however, is the state Department of Transportation's boondoggle involving the collector license plate. If you have a vehicle that is at least 20 years old and not your primary vehicle, you are eligible to apply for this special plate. The cost is a one-time fee of a little over two times an annual plate renewal fee -- no further license fees are needed for the life of the vehicle. Judged by the number of collector plates I see on the road, Wisconsin is losing out on serious revenue each year.

Who benefits from this situation? Affluent people who have a vintage car such as a Mercedes Benz or a BMW. The other end of the spectrum are 20-year-old gas guzzling vehicles. And both are exempt from Madison's wheel tax.

I can see no reason why these vehicles should not be contributing to the maintenance of the roads on which they drive. Oh, I forgot. They pay more in gas taxes than my Prius.

Dan Johnson, Middleton


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