I have been following the disagreement between some of Madison's Near West Side neighborhoods and Edgewood High School over the school's proposed stadium.

The residents do not support a stadium with lights, and the ensuing traffic and noise, and the school has not listened to the residents of the neighborhoods.

In 2014, the neighborhoods and Edgewood came together and approved a master plan for Edgewood. After the improved athletic facilities were completed, there was talk of the need for a lighted stadium.

Edgewood supporters are being greedy. A plan was approved in 2014, and the athletic facilities were completed. Now Edgewood wants to change to agreement, but it is highly unlikely the neighborhoods would have approved of a lighted stadium in 2014.

If Edgewood cared about its neighbors, it would realize the neighbors do not want the proposed stadium, and its attempts to change the mind of its neighbors hasn't worked. Edgewood should work with its athletic conference to get rules changed so games can be played during the day on weekends.

Meg Ruoff, Madison

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