Edgewood deserves home football games — Norman Richards

Edgewood deserves home football games — Norman Richards


I have three sons who all played varsity football for Edgewood High School. This was an invaluable life experience for them. Now consider, especially you "good neighbors" who live near the Edgewood campus, that none of my boys ever got to play a home game on their field in front of their friends, classmates, parents and grandmas. Never. Not once.

Have you or your children perhaps experienced high school athletics? Imagine never getting to have a home game. Never experiencing the excitement, pride and school spirit of hosting an opponent at your own “house.”

Some neighbors have concerns about disruption of the quiet neighborhood by noise, lights and chaos. Let’s break it down. There would be five Friday night football games per year that would be done by 10 p.m. New technology means minimal light and noise beyond the field. The campus has plenty of parking. The small enrollment of Edgewood High School (around 500 students) means a small crowd.

The football players work hard, sacrifice and mostly stay out of trouble. Would you kindly consider the sacrifice of a few hours per year of minimal inconvenience to support them? As a bonus, you could walk over, buy a $4 ticket and watch your Crusaders battle to victory.

Who doesn’t like football?

Norman Richards, Oregon


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